Karachi Heatwave Relief: List of resources and how you can support the victims

Reportedly, more than 500 900 1200 people have died in the on-going heatwave in Karachi (unofficial sources claim the numbers are higher than 3,000). With city wide electricity crisis, water shortage and lack of support from the government, citizens of Karachi are largely on their own – supporting each other to beat the heat and stay alive.

We have compiled a list of resources to provide relief and assistance (medical, financial, moral) to those struck by this calamity. Please come forward and play your part.

If you have a resource to share, please mention in the comments below.

Heatwave situation in Karachi

mass burial karachi heatwave victims
mass graves of karachi heatwave victims

patients of karachi heatwave
Image: ARY News

Heatwave relief centers in Karachi


All major government and private hospitals in Karachi are working round the clock to provide emergency relief to people affected by the heatwave.

Sindh Rangers have set up emergency relief camps:

rangers camps for heatwave relief karachi

How you can help the heatwave victims in Karachi

We are sharing messages from social media and other sources that ask for help. Please do your due diligence.

Team Karachi

Title: Saad Khalil Jafri
A/C No: 01158224701
IBAN: PK90SCBL0000001158224701
Bank: Standard Chartered Bank
It will be of help if you notify them on deposits. Email address is zahid.jduk[@]gmail[dot]com. Please mention whether it’s Zakat or general donation

For Ihsaas Trust

Name: Ihsaas Trust – Sadqa
Account no.: 01140100892545
IBAN: PK13MEZN0001140100892545

Bank: Meezan Bank Limited
Bahadurabad Branch

Name: Ihsaas Trust – Zakat
Account no.: 01140100892552
IBAN: PK13MEZN0001140100892552

PTI is collecting donations at their media center.

PTI relief account for heatstroke victims

Help Karachi, a Facebook page, is coordinating relief activities at Ziauddin Hospital, Kemari, in collaboration with Dr Faseeha Sohail at the hospital. For donations and contributions, visit the facebook page or call Rehan at 03008956543.

Yusra Askari is involved in relief operations for Karachi heatwave victims and is in contact with several hospitals in Karacih. She can be contacted through her twitter account or at phone numbers (021) 35873514 and/or 35824703.

Mineral Water: This person is providing mineral water at low cost (500ml in Rs 10, 1.5 litre in Rs 20). They claim the water has been lab tested. Contact # 03353322113

How to beat the heat: Save yourself and others from effects of heatstroke

Take these steps to prevent heatstroke during hot weather:

  • Wear loose fitting, lightweight clothing. Wearing excess clothing or clothing that fits tightly won’t allow your body to cool properly.
  • Protect against sunburn. Sunburn affects your body’s ability to cool itself. Apply sunscreen generously, and reapply every two hours — or more often if you’re swimming or sweating.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Staying hydrated will help your body sweat and maintain a normal body temperature.
  • Take extra precautions with certain medications. Be on the lookout for heat-related problems if you take medications that can affect your body’s ability to stay hydrated and dissipate heat.
  • Take it easy during the hottest parts of the day. If you can’t avoid strenuous activity in hot weather, drink fluids and rest frequently in a cool spot. Try to schedule exercise or physical labor for cooler parts of the day, such as early morning or evening.

How to cool someone affected by a heatwave

  • Put the person in a cool tub of water or a cool shower.
  • Sponge with cool water.
  • Fan while misting with cool water.
  • Place ice packs or cool wet towels on the neck, armpits and groin.
  • Cover with cool damp sheets.

beat the heat - save heatstroke patient

Government response to Karachi heatwave killings

A journalist claims that KMC is hoarding funds collected for relief of heatwave victims.

Abid Sher Ali, federal minister for water and power (sharing the portfolio with Khawaja Asif) and nephew of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, said that he and his government are not responsible if someone dies from heat or suffocation.

abid sher ali

Sindh government announced a day off on Wednesday, June 24 to protest against the killings by heatwave in Karachi.

Last but not the least, repent, ask for forgiveness and the blessings of Allah.

Allah is the One who sends the winds, so they stir up a cloud, then He spreads it in the sky however he wills, and makes it (split) into pieces. Then you see the rain coming out from its midst. So, once He makes it reach those whom He wills from His slaves, they start rejoicing, (30:48)

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