Kalay Coat aur Kali Committee

Farooq H. Naik, the next Malik Qayyum of Pakistan is all set to become one the most despicable personality of Pakistan very soon. He is using every evil trick to delay the restoration of judges and perhaps PML-N has started to see through the smoke screen setup by the Mr. 10 percent.

It is learnt that the PML-N members are not even speaking during the committee meeting, in which Farooq H. Naik harrangues them about the perils of confrontation between the new democracy and the dictatorship. These are very disturbing times for PML-N.

Nawaz Sharif was already irked with his PML-N members who attended the dinner served by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani in which Musharraf also participated and they all enjoyed the now-expired beauty Hadiqa Kayani.

Whatever tricks PPP tries to play in the issue of judiciary, the thing is that the destination of reinstatement of judiciary is just round the corner and Musharraf has to go and if PPP goes along with him, the better.

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