Justice Closed is Justice Obeyed

“Lock down the courts, if orders are not to be obeyed by the government,” these were the words of Chief Justice of Pakistan during the hearing of expulsion of Nawaz Sharif case. What an ingenious and adroit idea. I and General Musharraf are sold at least, if not rest of the country. We could take a sigh of breath and play the game more freely and with more authority. Manipulation, police-terrorism, and lotacracy would be done openly and more shamelessly. Just for fun, we would issue thingies like NRO just to chivvy the political idiots.

If the courts will be closed, then there is no chance of disobeying of orders from the government. By the way, for the poor the courts are closed for a long long time. Cases are pending for more than 40 years. Generations after generations are getting expired while pursuing the cases of unlimited length. Pakistanis, with their famous (or notorious) short memories have forgotten that there was a Nawaz Sharif who tried to return to Pakistan, and government re-exiled him by conning in the blatant disobedience of court orders.

Anyway, to be very fair to the Pakistanis, things are moving quite fast for them these days. Lots of bombs, suicides, lotas, price hikes, and Benazir have passed under the bridges, and a lot is still in the stores. There was once, couple of months before to be exact, Pakistanis got a slight ray of hope in the form of CJP, but they now exude a resigned look, due to the sluggishness and apparent ineffectiveness of the orders by the courts.

Police officers who mistreated CJP also got a very token and funny punishment. For example, Chief Commissioner Khalid Pervez and Deputy Commissioner Chaudhry Mohammad Ali were remained under prison till the adjournment of the court, and others small fishes like I.G., SSP got punishment of 15 days each. ASI got more as usual and was sent to prison for one month, and but we all know that he will get a VIP treatment in jail, and it would be an unbelievable thing if he spends a single night in jail, instead of his home or in any rest house.

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