It’s time, Get rid of cellulite now!!

Cellulite is one of the major troubles that for majority of women are facing. Cellulite is the lumpy stuff like cottage cheese that is normally found on the thighs, stomach, and butt. Cellulite is not related to being overweight. Hormones play a leading part in the structure of cellulite. Gender, race, biotype have all been shown to contribute to cellulite.

Almost 90% of women in Asia bear from the anxiety of the cottage cheese “syndrome” i.e. the Cellulite. Lack of exercise, tight clothes, high heeled shoes, and sitting or standing in a solo position of long periods have all been associated with an enlargement of cellulite.

Treatments like liposuction (surgery to remove fat) and meson therapy are either expensive or may produce only temporary improvement. Eating in a healthy manner is always a good idea and a low-fat diet is generally recommended as part of a weight protection routine.

Healthy points to get rid of cellulite:

1. Eat lots of fruits and green vegetables.
2. Take glucosamine, which helps your body fix the dermis and connective tissue.
3. A body wrap at home using coffee and seaweed to reduce cellulite.
4. Aroma therapy oils like sage, cypress and juniper helps in lessening cellulite.
5. Cardio should be done at different intensity levels and different session lengths.
6. Avoid junk food, diet soda, processed food and saturated fats such as butter and animal fats.
7. Brush your skin every morning. This simple practice stimulates blood and lymph flow, removes dead skin cells.
8. Exercise routine that combines aerobic exercise with muscle training is the best weapon against cellulite.

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