Investigating Banazir’s Assassination

The kind of reception Ms. Bhutto received at Karachi airport on her return to Pakistan after nine years of exile was an evidence that PPP still could easily challenge PML-Q in the upcoming general elections. Despite remaining in power PML-Q’s victory became visibly uncertain with PPP as there strong political rivals, and it created an atmosphere of Blame Game between the two parties. In the mean while MS. Bhutto’s assassination took place and deteriorated the entire nation against the regime responsible for security collapse.

At first Mr. Musharraf completely denounced that international community will not be allowed for any investigation in Pakistan. The notion which he used to support his argument was that it was an internal matter of Pakistan and international inquiry will affect the legal sovereignty of Pakistan.

And now the Scotland Yard investigation team is called to assist Pakistani investigation agencies. It would have been far better if a team of investigation would have been called out from United Nation for an inquiry. This stance would have been more satisfactory performing two significant functions. Firstly, the issue of affecting Pakistan’s sovereignty would have been resolved because UN is an international neutral agency. Secondly, PPP’s demand for a UN-sponsored commission to investigate the case and not just assisting can resolve much of the ambiguities whereas Scotland Yard team would not be investigating for itself but would only assist Pakistani investigation agencies.

Inviting Scotland Yard team for investigation raises further two issues: Is Pakistani investigation agencies inadequate so they have called Scotland Yard team for only their assistance or are there some facts the regime does not wants to disclose.

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  1. I believe what needs to be understood is the purpose of Scotland Yard. It was called in to show that the Pakistani agencies will not tamper with the evidence and that an international agency will investigate the matter. I think it’s almost hypocritical that we Pakistanis who denounce the west and all that jazz, ask for them to come and take care of us because we don’t believe in ourselves.


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