International Looter

Leaders of People’s Party are very proud of the fact that their leader is international. Nobody has any doubt over that fact. She is definitely an international figure. She has got her looted assets, distributed evenly in the world. She has got companies in Spain, and she has got palaces in UK. She has got villas in France, and she has got property in USA. She has got accounts in Switzerland, and she has got assets in Dubai, and the list goes on.

Government has said (through world’s most authentic channel, PTV), that they are planning to hold an All Parties Conference (APC). They have also added that all the big and small parties including Benazir’s People’s Party, Shujaat’s PML, Pagara’s PML, Sherpao’s PPP, Fazl-ur-Rehman JUI, and Altaf’s MQM will be invited. Now you can easily guess what sort of APC that would be.

The present government has made Mian Nawaz Sharif and Mian Shahbaz Sharif a pariah for Pakistan. They have become aliens for their own country. No APC can be successful and completed without their presence. In these testing times, the need of hour is to invite all the politicians and a road-map to true democracy should be formulated.

Benazir on the other hand is hell bent on pleasing her masters in the West. As she is so international, she is still keeping multiples faces for different countries. For New York Times, she has said that, “Pakistan is a terrorist spawning ground, and its the next Islamic theocracy, if she doesn’t become the prime minister.” She just wants Kursi no matter what ever happens to Pakistan or its people.

Benazir is working hard to clear her way up to the prime minister house. She is worried about the slogans of “Wazir-e-Azam” Pervaiz Elahi, but she is not that much worried, as she has got full support of America behind her. She is spewing venom against religious Madaris night and day, and getting more authentication certificates from America. She is hard nut to crack for Chaudharies, and they cannot do it alone.

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