Inordinate Ordinance

All the indicted rapers, murderers, money launderers, hoarders, thieves, dacoits are so thrilled and have started their efforts to join People’s Party, after Benazir has struck a deal with Musharraf which has produced this gem of an ordinance of so-called “National Re-conciliation”, which states that all the politicians and beaurecrates are given complete amnesty from the all the cases from 1985 to 1999. All the cases which are being followed abroad will also be taken back, and no member of parliament could be arrested, until the 16 member committee of assembly says so.

The ordinance was sent to Benazir, who hastily recified it after some cosmetic changes. How MQM could miss such a fantastic chance of black-mailing. They also jumped into the Ganga and came-out clean and fresh. Though 90% of the Q-league members are just livid over this deal, and are raising all kinds of hue and cry, but they dont have the moral courage to stand in front
of this, so they are weeping but going along with it.

Is this the national consensus, where only two persons are the prime beneficiaries? They say that along with Benazir and Zardari, 31 members of PML-Q would also benefit from it along with some members of PML-N. First thing is that the volume of the corruption of Benazir is much higher than of the others. There is no comparison at all. Secondly, only Benazir struck a
deal, and she would be the one who is going to come in power. Thirdly, why this was done in the first place? Where are the interests of common person? Why not include the leaders from Balochistan, NWFP and FATA in this national consensus?

Another thing is that this ordinance is very weak and fragile. This is already challenged in Sindh and Lahore High Courts and there is a very strong possibility that it wouldn’t be able to carry the approval of judiciary, as it is disabling it. How is this possible that Benazir doesnt know that? She is very cunning, and she must have other plans, or she has been totally blinded by her lust for power? Only time will tell.

It is evident that this presidential election hasn’t got anything serious attached to it, and Musharraf will become the president for sure, and in the elections Benazir will be the prime minister. But there is a silver lining even to this whole dark disgusting saga. Many people have been exposed. From Benazir to Fazl-ur-Rehman to PML-Q, all are now bare in front of nation. PML-Q continuously called Benazir a looter, a plunderer, and now they are bringing her back, Benazir was never tired of lashing at military government, and always said that she would never sit with a general in uniform, now there she is, just took a sigh of power after signing a deal with him. Fazl-ur-Rehman, who did everything possible for the present regime, while remaining in opposition, has also become a vivid symbol of hypocrisy.

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