Indo-Pak: New Ties Needed

The South Asian Human Rights (SAHR) and the South Asia Free Media Association have started their efforts to mend the ties between India and Pakistan. A 22-member Pakistan peace delegation held a round table conference on Thursday with Indian peace activists and exchanged views on the prevailing tense situation in South Asia in the wake of the Mumbai attacks.

These efforts are commendable. Merely goodwill expressed at the government level or confrontation at the military level won’t get the both neighbors anywhere. They have to make contact at the people level and they need to promote the bilateral talks at the common grounds. Common people and also parliamentarians, intellectuals, artists, journalists, human rights activists and educationists need to be in touch with each other across the border to have a lasting piece.

Because if that doesn’t happen then the both countries would always be at the brink and would be exploited by the terrorism. It is surely the right time to form a joint mechanism between both the countries to fight terrorism. One should discourage and criticize those who talk about war. Constructive peace building is the way forward.

De-escalation in the tension will help both countries to focus inwards.

1 thought on “Indo-Pak: New Ties Needed”

  1. The best way to build new ties with India ….. now in the light of their once again old behavior of going on the blaming spree after something happened in India which the Indian Government did not liked ……… is that India should apologize to Pakistani people and promise that they will never lend their ear to their media gossip and blame Pakistan. I wonder why they did not blamed Pak for anarchy in Gujrat, Hyderabad and did not saw a Pakistani or ISI hand behind their Dalits’ uprising.

    When a country’s Logistics Analyzer for Warfare says on TV before millions upon millions of people that the enemies’ weapons would not be able to trigger ………. this whole tension affair MUST be a joke. They are just trying to sort out their ruling era …… by directing public attention towards an enemy beyond their reach. Duhhhhhhh …..


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