India, Pakistan ; Pyar Kub Ho Ga?

Until Pakistan and India remain impoverished, there is very little chance their relationships would improve. Experts at both sides chant the need of decreasing the defense budgets by both the nations, and the need to spend those funds on feeding, educating and rendering health to the people.

These are very noble thoughts, but we also have to see the reality. Had Pakistan not been militarily strong, US would have romp it already in the name of its war against terrorism. Had India and Pakistan not been militarily strong, they both have been fighting wars against each other, after every six months.

It is also said that Pakistani junta has made India a bogey, and the same has been done across the border by Indian Army, just to justify the huge budget and luxuries, but you cannot rule out the truth. Fears, mistrust and apprehensions run deep in both countries, and there are enough people who want to crush each other.

Who are these people? These are the people who don’t have decent education, two square meals a day, proper jobs and bright future. Their numbers run in billions. They let out their frustration by cursing and blaming the neighbors

Both countries cannot simply forgo or curtail their mammoth defense budget. The realistic way for both of them is to carry on back door diplomacy, and start doing drastically for the education and awareness of their people. Once both nations get educated, rest will be rectified automatically..

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  1. hmm kabhi nahin 😀 …. and i guess it is like that … we have to face the fact and Pakistan and India are never going to be friends … unforutnately … since the geo loc of both the ctys will always prevent that from happening …
    all kinds of clashes will be there …. eco interests ,,,, power struggle in the region …. indias effort to get to US SC and our effort to remain on top of the regional game … remain in the lime lifgt of intl political scenario .. i could explain each and every thing … but that will take a lot of time and i have already delivered this lecture a million times so dont feel like it … still if you want to know the global perspective … .. ask me … i might even tell you .. if i am in the mood /:D 😀


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