India Nuclear, Heroin, AIDs Power

India is fast emerging as an alternative to the traditionally popular route of Iran and the Balkan countries for the smuggling of heroin originating from Afghanistan, which supplies 92per cent of the world’s consumption.

The world Drug Report 2007, released by the United Nation Office on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC), estimates that 48% of the total heroin manufactured in Afghanistan is smuggled through using India as the main transit route.

The emergence of the new trafficking route is the result of huge seizured made along the conventional routes along Iran, Turkey and Balkan countries. International drug syndicates, mostly involving African operators, have been recently using India as a major transit country for all Europe and America bound drug consignments.

This leaves a sizable population along the trafficking routes vulnerable to drug addiction, says the UN reports which has warned drug enforcement agencies here to carefully monitor the trend over the coming years as the India has high levels of poverty and HIV infected populations, the most vulnerable sections to the scourge.

India is also rapidly becoming a major producer of opium, the total opium production is India is said to be 6,100 tonnes and the frightening poverty is compelling people to join the drug trafficking, drug production and drug addiction very fastly. The significant rise in Indian narcotics market can also be seen in huge seizures which are made in India every now and then.

Poverty and the blind race to copycat the west, India is also fast becoming hub for prostitution. This alarming trend isn’t just limited to large cities, but also sweeped to the towns and villages, because its one of the easy money for many of the people who are living below the poverty line. This is producing loads of HIV/AIDs patients and India is now considered one of the leading countries which have most AIDs patients.

And then Indian administration is hell bent on occupying the territories of its neighbours, its hell bent on amassing tons and tons of weapons of every kind from every nook of the planet, its hell bent on fabricating intrigues for other nations, its hell bent on doing more and more nuclear test. Shouldn’t it exert its resources on other human issues, rather than to try to intimidate its neighbours?

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  1. that is a good post, you know that an Indian citizen is more likely to get a visa to any country in the world very easily where a Pakistani citizen has to go through years and years of trying and 67% of the time they get rejected because of the title they have on them on being world renounced terrorists and drug dealers and all sorts of criminals i guess, cause its much easier to get a Pakistani nationality than any other.


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