In Loving Memory Of Bilal Jamaee … Martyr of Air Blue Crash!

Bilal JamaeeA superb orator, an awe-inspiring leader, a true jingoistic fellow left us mourning on 28 July, 2010.

Born on June 14, 1987 in Karachi, Bilal Jamaee was a very intelligent and a bright student. Currently he was a student for BS in Mass Communication at the University Of Karachi. At University of Karachi he served as the General Secretary of ‘Bazm-e-Adab’. Not only a good public speaker he was an equally terrific writer. He participated in numerous Debating Competitions and had written a number of stories for children’s magazines.

Bilal Jamaee worked for two years at Elite Publishers as Asst. Manager, where he was responsible for manufacturing products regarding printing and publishing. He applied for the Youth Parliament Pakistan 2009-2010. He successfully cleared written test and was short listed for interview. The interview panel saw a genius, a master mind and a whiz kid in Bilal Jamaee; hence he qualified for the Youth Parliament Pakistan 2009-2010. He was Youth Shadow Minister for Information. He was affiliated with Green party. Mr. Bilal Jamaee was part of the recent Youth Parliament Study Visit to UK that took place from July 5-9, 2010.

Bilal Jamaee with Hamid MirHe often used to say, “Pakistan is a country of Greens but now, country wants some Red from Greens”. He was always thinking of bringing about some positive change in country’s political infrastructure. After his return from Youth Parliament Study Visit to UK he often used to refer to their democratic system.

Bilal Jamaee was eager to see Pakistani Youth actively participating in country’s political set up. He was against hierarchical politics.

He had left millions and millions of mourners behind him. Though we miss his physical presence but he would always live inside us.

Bilal Jamaee! You serve as a mentor and as a role model to be followed by Pakistan Youth. Your blood would not go in vain; we would take up your cause. You were not only a Guftar ka Ghazi but for sure he was a Kirdar ka Ghazi!

17 thoughts on “In Loving Memory Of Bilal Jamaee … Martyr of Air Blue Crash!”

  1. @Jamal Jamaee

    please dont say thanks … its just a little effort i could do to console the suffered family.
    We are all with you so dont feel alone. May his and every martyred person’s soul rest in eternal peace.

  2. Thanks all and specially Hifsa Saeed for your prestigious comments for my Beloved Martyred Elder Brother Bilal Jamaee. Keep remember him in your prayers.

  3. @Komal!

    sum ameen … thank you for your appreciation and yes now we have to follow his foot steps to bring a revolutionary change … only chanting slogans like MERA PAKISTAN HY is of no use as bilal said now GREEN wants some RED so we have to be a part of change PRACTICALLY!

  4. if only we could have him back…Pakistan definetly needs more jamis.thanku Hifsa for sharing a beautiful piece abt the late Jami and like always u ‘ve described it amazingly….May His Soul Rest In Peace.Ameen


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