Identify the Terrorists

The bloody and frightening shootout in the Shah Latif Town Karachi, behind the Landhi Jail is yet another manifestation of how crucial it is for us to think against these heartless militants as a nation.

In the 6 hours long shootout between Police and the terrorists, 3 terrorists were thrown into hell and two police officers were martyred. The terrorists were hiding in the three story building, and had amassed huge amount of ammo there. Two top terrorists Qasim Tori and Tayyab were arrested from there.

Police recovered huge amount of modern lethal ammo from the house, which included rockets, Kalashnikovs, rounds, equipment used in suicide bombing and much more. The network of terrorists is getting roots in our cities, and its just not the duty of security forces to track and uproot such evil elements.

The way things are getting scary and ugly, and the way these terrorists are being exploited, facilitated and used by the Indian and Israeli secret agencies, it is crucial that we do a concerted effort to identify, track and root out such elements.

We should remain very vigilant in our area about any unknown and suspicious person, and in case of a slight suspicion should report him or her to the authorities. Especially we should keep an eye on the people who have just rented or purchased the house in our neighborhood and who don’t mingle with others that much. That might create many awkward situations, but better be awkward, then to be blown in a bomb.

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