I Love You, Provided that We are Zodiacally Compatible

College is the glorious time of strong, often extraordinary friendships and unprecedented experiences. It is the time when fantasies are woven with reality. And sometimes reality check brings a slight disillusionment as well. However, it is not enough to dampen the vigor of youth.

By some freaky coincidence of inevitability, the role of astrology is quite significant in many peoples’ lives nowadays. I am, however, reminded specifically of college days when astrology is mentioned. Girls are especially more prone to following this occult; rather anxiously at times. While most do it to while away time pleasantly, many consider it a vital “informative” source in their young lives. I had close encounters with such girls. I also followed astrological info regularly. Never religiously though. Friendships developed rapidly at that time. There was, however, a queer friendship developing phenomena with some girls. There was one girl who “liked” me only because she believed that mine and her stars were very compatible. I was not bothered at first, but once I casually asked her if my star was one she hated, then what would our stance on our friendship would be? She replied with “Yukh! I hate that star and the conclusion being, that she would not have liked me if I had that star. After that, my belief in “friendship” was a bit shaken.

Apparently, occult beliefs do not follow a logical pattern. The fact that one can concoct convincing logic to suit ones purpose is a completely different matter. Twisting facts does not change reality. Just as twisting a wire bangle 180 ° might change its appearance, but it still remains a wire bangle. Of all the bizarre things, if Astrological Compatibility has to lay the foundation of any relationship, it is simply not worth it. Many people take this occult belief to absurd heights. This attitude may create an invisible barrier between people to what might have a completely natural, healthy and normal acquaintance or relationship.

I decided to revolt in my own away. I did my homework on all the stars; especially focusing on which stars are compatible with each other. Then I applied my knowledge to people I did not already know. The mention of stars cropped up inevitably at the beginning of most conversations. I made sure I was the first one to know my companion’s star. The next step was quickly assuming a compatible star sign to my companion’s. It worked like a charm! Even with people whom I was not astrologically compatible (supposedly). For instance, if my companion’s sign was Aries, I told him/her that my star sign is Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini or Aquarius; all compatible signs for Aries. Similarly, sometimes I reversed the order, and assumed a highly incompatible star sign to my companion’s. I varied with different people. The reactions surprised me each time. The more I experimented, the more I was convinced that most people are astrologically prejudiced.

It is especially disheartening when educated people resort to this kind of discrimination. I keep wondering where the really educated people are nowadays. Have they all decided to live in a far corner of the world, a kind of a distant Laputa (land of genii in Gulliver’s travels) accessible only to them?

Those who are nevertheless attracted towards all knowledge which claim to foretell the future, should take heed from the ancient king, Oedipus Rex. The proud king whom Sophocles created. If Oedipus didn’t die from curiosity, he became blind and fell from prosperity to dire adversity because of it. Oedipus knew the prophecy. He tried to avoid it. But who can battle against, or tinker with the complex, mysterious, heavy machinery of fate? If the fortune tellers can really predict the future due to some leak (or freak) in nature, what then? That is all I ask from the believers of this occult. What then? After you have received enlightenment from this knowledge, what is your plan of action? If your stars say that your close Gemini friend will betray you soon, will you start eyeing him suspiciously? Poor fellow.

People who involve astrology more than necessary in their often lose many a good opportunities in life. Ranging from friendships, to vast learning experiences. The least astrologers can do is claim that all signs are compatible to each other. That would not be too difficult. There are only twelve kinds of people in this world after all, astrologically speaking.

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