I Don’t Want to Celebrate “Jashan e Azadi”

After a long time, I make up with my time to write back to chowrangi and that’s because of the urge arises in me to not to celebrate Jashan e azadi this time, might be some of my readers aggree with me.

Celebrating the great day of 14 August, remebering the countless sacrifices, remembering the struggle for freedom is something loved to be cherised but are we such a pakistani to salute those sacred lives. No, we are not.

Islamic republic of Pakistan,the name has its meaing when its created but with the passage of time the way we demoralized its meanings is simply embasrassing. I was born in 1983, reading history during my college and university life as I came across the biggest tragedy of Pakistan of “Sakoot e Dhaka” of 1971, my heart weeps on that how a nation all together for one mission just splits in few years, and the good thing about Pakistani’s is they dont let our heart to remain in calm for long. Well, me and my generation were lucky enough to not to see that tragedy but what to repent our leaders have more to offer, the last few months of bloodshedding in the country of countrymen by the countrymen or its more accurate to say,of the muslims by the muslims and even more precise to say,of the muslims of one state to the muslims of the same state, has shown us alot. Lal masjid can be forgotton so easly? where we proudly kills innocent muslims on the behalf of terrorism, what big terrorist they were, how many murdered by there hands, are those more on account to the killings in karachi few months back. Here, I am not in the favour of Abul Rasheed or anyuone else, I am in the favour of countrymen, my Pakistani’s, whether its Lal masjid, whether its Wajiristan,wheteher its Balochistan , a citizen of this nation should never be killed like that without the solid proof of terroist act.

My country is weeping in wounds, corruption, illiteracy & high prcies are now the issues of past of this nation, with these issue we came up with the solution of bombing and suicide attacks and we wish to celebrate Jashan e Azadi, this time watching on TV or listening to national songs or looking on the roofs of the town where Paki flags are in a row my heart doesn’t arise with the spirit of patriotism and the reason is clear country made for Muslims have finally deprived Muslims not only of there rights but now also of there lives.

Someone have to think,You have to think,I have to think otherwise the way we take off half of the favour of Mohammad Ali Jinnah in 1971, and the way we are moving ahead we will take off the rest soon and then some historian might use to write in any of his book that THEY USE TO CELEBERATE JASHAN E AZADI ON 14 AUGUST(Khuda na Khovasta).

6 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Celebrate “Jashan e Azadi””

  1. jo ho chuka wo to ho gaya but now we have to think for the incoming
    season , young nation ko ye ehsas dilanay ki zarurat he k ye tmam
    leaders zati mafad ki parastish karnay walay hen, they are all american
    slaves and traitors of Pakistan , wo chahay Dhaka ho , Kashmir ho ya
    Karga hr muqam pr in ghadaron ne american ghulami ka saboot dia
    he, jo mar chukay wo to mar gae , dead ko alive nahin kia ja sakta
    zaroorat is bat ki he k ham ne in nam nihad leaders se jan chhurrwana
    he is k liay media ko bhi muhibbay watan ho kar chalna parray ga, kia
    media nahin janta k kargil kay muqam par is aik nawaz sharif ne
    andazan 18 karorr awam ka sar shrm se jhukwa dia wo b to ghadari
    he , zardari to he hi chor daku lutera , altaf konsa ashraf men se he
    Karachi men aj b qatlo gharat asfand yar wali aur altaf hi to karwa
    rahay hen, Plz we all have to do something for the respectful survival
    of our Country and Our nation. Pakistan Zinda Bad Aj kay leadrers
    murda bad

  2. exactly what i am to expound others that we are going towards disaster and we are celebrating 14 august if we really want to celebrate so we should protest against govt. in a decent way for our basic rights its not celebration time please do something then celebrate

  3. thats true. i totally agree man. we have to think.and act accordingly.otherwise………………i dont want to write that otherwise.i want to think and act accordingly..

  4. I definitely agree to what is mentioned above. cos im really not having the patriotic feelings i used to have till even last year, due to so much going on in the country.


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