Hurdles never let you enjoy!

It is from always that whenever I start enjoying my work, some interruption comes in the way. Like today when I had found out a lot of mistakes in my computer work and so thought to correct them and to make up with more things of it, my internet card got lost. The works thus remains pending for tomorrow.

Sometimes it seems that we can never get our goals when hurdles keep on coming along the tasks. That is really disappointing but keeping on doing whatever at hand is the best way to accomplish the work.

I always finding my pen lost when I have something good in mind to jot down, my brother and father not at home when I have to go outside for some very important chore, also the load shedding of light when I have to watch my favorite programs, the arrival of guests when I am just about to leave home for some outing and much more.

I know these things are shared by all of you. Such are really unavoidable and every time …very irritating. But patience is the only thing left and being patient through time doesn’t let you complain.

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