Heads of Hoarders

According to the reports, many flourmills owners, with the connivance of food department officials, police and border military police, were involved in smuggling flour out of the province, especially through Dera Ghazi Khan–Quetta road.

The Chamman border is the most lucrative way to smuggle the wheat, and Pakistani wheat was smuggled out to the whole world through Afghanistan and Iran. The biggest creep and hoarder, Habibur Rehman Leghari, who is the chairman of wheat hoarders and smugglers which goes under the banner of Punjab Flour Mills Association is raising lots of hue and cry and pleading with its patrons to do something and he is reminding them of their kickbacks and cuts.

Rangers are doing a very good job, and in just a single day things are seemingly and slightly getting better. We should give credit where it is due, but we shouldnt be giving it until and unless the flour crisis gets resolved and the culprits are handled with red hot iron hands.

The government is certainly taking some fine steps now (though its late for sure) to reslove the atta shortage throughout the country and yesterday they increased the wheat quota for provinces and deployed over 6,000 personnel of Frontier Constabulary and Rangers at mills, godowns and routes across the country to ensure smooth supply of flour to markets. Forces have been deployed at flour mills, godowns and along routes in all the major cities of Sindh and Punjab.

Only in Chamman the officials have seized 92 trucks fully loaded with wheat. We not only demand wheat, but we also demand the heads of those who hoarded and smuggled it. Yes I am extremist.

3 thoughts on “Heads of Hoarders”

  1. Where

    a) List of Wheat Hoarders

    b) List of Sugar Scandal (by NAB)

    c) List of Stock Scandal (ex-SECP Chairman statement)

    d) List of Financial Consultants of Steel Mills Scandal and their link with Shaoukat Aziz Team.

    e) List of 92 Billion Loan Waivers in last 6 Years

    f) List of people sold to U.S by our brave Musharraf

    g) List of people killed by bombardment in Pakistan

    where are all these list. Can our journalist publishing find these list and publish for memorization by people

  2. While it is true that hoarders are to blame, we should not forget the smugglers who siphoned away the atta and sugar to Afghanistan and India. Why doesn’t the government stop the smugglers who are doing everything to ruin the economy? The nation loses billions every year because smugglers bring into the country almost everything without payment of duty and taxes.

  3. complete address plus photo id of these hoarders must presented, so that their houses be burnt, their money be looted

    well done rangers et al


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