Hafiz Khuda Hamara

So on one is safe in the country or that is what Brig (retd) Javed Iqbal Cheema, the interior ministry spokesman tells us. He became famous for the altering statements regarding the assassination of two-time Benazir Bhutto last year. He changed the statements daily, and waters became more muddied, and that fuelled the anger of nation more, while already suspicious credibility of the government became more dented.

After some days of Benazir’s slaying, Mr. Cheema told media that six or so more politicians were on the hit list of the terrorists, and they have informed those politicians. Now he has announced that all the politicians are under the threat. Now one wonders, what to make of this statement?

If you count all the MNAs, MPAs, Nazims, Naib Nazims, local leaders and other sidekicks this number goes into hundreds of thousands of people. So it’s useless even to ask government to make some security arrangements. People near these thousands of people also range in thousands, so it’s hopeless to even think about the safety. Now Cheema Sahib has told you, and now it’s between you and the terrorists.

The government should realize that panic all around, and people are really getting upset and hapless. Police is also under threat, and yes they are brutal and atrocious, but they are humans, and government should also make their security arrangements. Merely warning the politicians or people for that matter doesn’t solve the matter.

Nation wants some tangible results from the government’s efforts to curb the terrorism. Nations wants the facts and nation wants to learn the truth. Nation wants to know who is behind these acts, and nation wants to see these horrendous acts get terminated now.

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