Guest Actor

Furious Makhdoom Amin Fahim is frantically trying to secure his nomination, but not with the help and confidence of the co-chairman of his party, the party of late Benazir Bhutto who was assassinated in Rawalpindi last year.

Rather Makhdoom Amin Fahim is tilted towards the President House, and alongside with Hamid Nasir Chattha they both are trying to break away from the Zardari factor and the PML-N factor and form a coalition government in the center, Punjab, Balochistan and elsewhere with the help of PML-Q, PPP (breakaway group) and MQM, not to forget JUI-F and BNP-Awami.

Amin Fahim wasn’t present in Bhurban, Murree where the joint declaration of PML-N and PPP for the formulation of new government was announced, and where history was made. Zardari said that the Amin Fahim didn’t come because the summit was too small for his being, and Sherry said that they did send the invitation to Amin Fahim but it didn’t reach to him, while Amin Fahim was adamanat that he wasnt invited and he was not a guest actor, rather a parliamentary leader of PPP.

Now Amin Fahim is lobbying hard in PPP to end the dynastic politics of Bhutto family. On the cue of establishment, though Amin Fahim would claim that he is following the legacy of Bhutto and Benazir, but in essence he would be working for the strengthening of the dejected camp of forces of staus quo.

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  1. Why doesn’t the PPP hold an election within the party and solve the issue once and for all? The elected MNAs of the party should get together and he who has the largest number of supporters should be made leader of the house in the National Assembly. This is the best way to keep the party united.


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