Growing Tradition of Spending Money on Marriages

Here I am raising a question. Why can’t we stop spending money over marriages?

Yesterday I watched the movie of my parents wedding that was of some twenty two years back. Everything was simple and so I had to compare it with today’s marriages. The wedding took place at their homes; the wedding dresses were very simple and not much variety of dishes in the meal.

But what is it today? Firstly it used to be that weddings started to get arranged in wedding halls. This started to become a status symbol. The trend then started shifting towards hotels but only barat and walima used to be arranged there. And now the trend is increasing towards conducting the mehndi function in halls as well so increasing the expenses to approximately one lac per meal on the average. This average stands for only the middle class who offers two dishes plus a sweat dish.

Why this is increasing? It is not that people are becoming rich but because everyone is status conscious and wants to pose that one stands the same status as the other people. The other reason is that people fear that if they don’t do like this, the people would comment on them.

The thing is to get courage to take steps to go against all these traditions.

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