Grand Jirga or Grand Farce

Yet another grand Jirga is underway in the Afghan capital with lots of fanfare and false hopes. In this Pak-Afghan Grand Jirga many advisors and counselors from Waziristan have refused to participate. Many political, religious , social and Pukhtoon National Jirga have rejected this Jirga and have said that this is just a waste of time and money.

The basic objective of this grand Jirga seems to eradicate the current disorder in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Current instability and dismal law and order situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan is primarily due to the American invasion upon Afghanistan and the puppet regime in Kabul which represents nobody. Other reason of instability in the Afghanistan is that Afghan Islamic Identity is being targeted which is unacceptable to the brave Afghans.

In their thousands years of history, Afghans have never let any foreign invaders to rule them. They also consider the US and allied presence in their country similar to the Russian aggression. That is the one reason that more and more attacks are being carried out upon the US forces in Afghanistan. US has done everything from carpet bombing to dollar-adventures to curb this rising independence movement, but in vain. But Pakistan is getting affected by it, and now the fire is reaching in the cities of Pakistan.

Now they are trying out Jirga to handle the situation, but its as unrealistic as the existence of Al-Qaeda. Its pretty useless ask, as it doesnt represent the majority of Afghans. Until and unless they sit on table with Talibans and Pukhtoons leaders among others, they couldn’t reach any realistic and implement able solution towards peace and harmony.

The thing is that the price of US’s war on so-called terrorism is creating lots of problems for Pakistan, and the tragically funny thing is that they are even then not happy with us. What else, we should do Uncle Tom?

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