Friends of Musharraf Club

At the extreme and continuous pressure of the Western governments especially of our godfathers in Washington, General Musharraf has decided to hold the general election on 8th of January, next year.

In the wake of dissolution of the assemblies, and due to the promulgation of emergency, it wasn’t really possible for Musharraf to make a caretaker setup with the representation of People’s Party in it. So PPP and its acolytes are declaring the caretaker prime minister and his team as ‘Friends of Musharraf Club.’ Which is not that wrong as most of the figures are either active members of kings party or lota league as it is generally called and which it actually is, and the even some are from the previous government.

Genuine opposition, which comprises of Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif’s PML-N, civil society, and lawyers, and students have rejected the caretaker setup and have called it a sham caretaker setup, and they have rejected any possibility of free and fair elections under the eye of current caretaker regime. Not-so-genuine opposition which comprises of Benazir’s People’s Party and Jamat-e-Islami has also rejected the caretaker setup. Benazir has rejected it because of the PML-Q factor, and Jamat has got a habit of rejecting everything. They will even reject their own government, if that bad time comes ever.

Even the deputy foreign minister of US, who was here in Pakistan as an eyewash to compel Musharraf to revoke the emergency didn’t bother to meet with Benazir, which tells the untold yet obvious story that Benazir has lost her upper edge in the eyes of her masters in the West, and she will be preparing for yet another run, as her cases are still open and lots of looted money is still waiting to be spent, and the chances for her to plunder more from the already hapless nation look pretty much slim.

After the failure of her long march and the public meeting in Liaqat Bagh, which was foiled dexterity by Chaudharies of Gujarat and their camarillas in Rawalpindi, she has sensed that its another thing to gather unaware innocent Sindhi people in Karachi, and its quite another thing to bring the comparatively aware masses of Punjab. If she stays in Pakistan, she is in for a tough time, and that is exactly what she would like to avoid at all costs.

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