Forgotten Keys

Perhaps this post is so off topic or perhaps this is dead relevant, but surely this is not for the computer gurus. But the problem is that there are more non-gurus than the gurus. I am not going to talk a about something rocket science about computers, but about a very trivial thing. This post is all about two innocent, apparently buried keys on your keyboard.

In these days, when Computers are mainly used for surfing the pages of internet, the use of scrolling the pages up and down has grown immensely. There are two keys, ‘Home’ and ‘End’, which are used to go to the top and bottom of a page respectively. Also to go at start or at the end of the line. But I have observed that few people use these keys, or even are aware of their existence. They laboriously scroll the whole page up and down, instead of using these keys.

Now why don’t many people use these keys? Are they not aware of it? If they are not, then why not? Perhaps because they are so seemingly invisible and their usability is hindered due to their awkward position on the keyboard.

What do you think? Shouldn’t the keyboard manufacturers move these two keys somewhere more visible and accessible on the keyboard? Or Am I just plain dumb and it was a foolish observation on my end?

Feel free to shower your smiles and flowers or to throw rotten eggs and tomatoes.

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