Flood Tax on Private Schools of Karachi, Sindh

Under the rule of democratically elected PPP government, Pakistani society is evolving rapidly towards a point where soon Charles Darwin’s theory has to be rephrased as “Survival of the richest not the fittest”. Even Finance minister Mr. Abdul Hafeez Shiekh cannot manage the budget of a family within basic salary limit approved by government of Pakistan.

The educational expenses of school going children will surely be considered as a luxury in such high inflation and low salary scenario for middle class and people are forced to be on another part time job to afford education. As I have seen Private schools have mushroomed all over the city turning education into a highly profitable business. Private Schools are being accused for charging handsome amount of tuition fee but it is also acknowledged that they are providing quality education. The one and only reason for this is the failure of government schools to facilitate citizens with proper education and amenities.

Rather than deciding to improve the quality of education, Sindh Education Ministry has now proposed to impose a flood tax on private schools along with valuable urban property. This one-time tax will target all private schools in the province having fee structure of above Rs. 500. The schools will have to pay a tax ranging from Rs5, 000 to Rs100, 000.

If the summary gets approved than surely private schools will be on the verge of increasing tuition fees creating trouble for the parents. As schools will not pay the tax from their profit, parents have to bear the burden of this tax so that quality education can be imparted to their children without any interruption.

The chief minister should reconsider the decision of taxing poor parents who will be the ultimate payers of flood tax and should consider restricting flood tax for elite class. The evolution of transparency in government tax machinery should also be encouraged.

4 thoughts on “Flood Tax on Private Schools of Karachi, Sindh”

  1. It’s time for Pakistani’s to take back their country like the French did during the French revolution. Unfortunately, Pakistani’s are also very passive, so this will probably never happen. Learn something from the Libyans, Egyptians, and Syrians who are fighting for a better future for their children.

  2. That wouldn’t gona work, school administration add double in the fees and let them earn more , infact it will make them happy, parents mostly belong to elite class having there businesses running will shift this tax load agains to the poors, and the things will go on and on


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