I can see people scratching their heads, feeling puzzled yea they’ve heard the word…what is it again? oh something like loyalty?
Is it such a forgotten concept..
Is it soo archaic, so primitive that we don’t even know what it means anymore?
I want to believe in love,
I want to believe in happily ever after…
All i can see is people, not just married couples but people who voluntarily enter into relationships can’t be bothered with fidelity ,
It’s an idea, so foreign that it becomes almost laughable when explained.
Why is it that there is no fidelity in relationships any more?
If you ask a guy is he engaged, gut reaction NO. work with him get to know him, find out he’s been engaged for a couple of years, the aside is of course it’s a family thing I don’t want to marry her €¦but I cant get out of it?
I’m feel bad for them if they are trapped in this situation but my question is whether you want to or not, you have agreed to this commitment (due to family pressure or otherwise) why can you NOT stick to it?
Is your self image so low , is her image in your mind so vile that you do not want to grant her the basic dignity of saying this is the person I’m going to spend my life with I will respect and care for them, even if I did not enter in this union by choice?
Why must you degrade yourself and the poor person who is entering into this relationship by denying the fact of your relationship?

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