FATA Terrorists ; Servants of Islam or Enemy of Islam ?

By Ghazala Khan

Western media is trying hard and has largely succeeded in making terrorism synonymous with Islam, and the terrorists in our FATA region are actively strengthening that image with all the evil efforts. Terrorism is an act of evil, which has been committed by people of all religion, but due to the US war on terrorism, and the stubborn attitude of Taliban, Islam is now quoted where terrorism is mentioned, which is very much sad and wholly false.

Enough ink has been spilled over the last four years since the Army operation has been launched in the Waziristan agency, which is a lawless tribal belt, once thought to be the start of our strategic depth. This difficult terrain is inhabited by the tribes who live on both sides of a murky and un-demarcated border, which is loosely controlled and mainly consists of high barren mountains and parched deserts. An ideal place for terrorism to breed, and an ideal place for a world power to prolong the war to keep an eye the regional interests.

Pakistan is said to be the front-line ally of United States in its war against terrorism, which is by all means has become now Pakistan’s war. In 2007 only, Pakistan was the victim of 56 suicide attacks; the spate of these attacks is carrying on in 2008. Along with mega operations in South Waziristan, Darra Adam Khel, Swat and Balochistan, little operations in Karachi, Mardan, and Kohat and in other cities of Pakistan have become a norm. In every operation, the terrorists inflict heavy damage upon the security forces, before perishing themselves.

The roots all these terrorists converge in the tribal region, where Baitullah Mehsud, the so-called successor of Osama Bin Laden and the chief of Pakistan Tehrik-e- Taliban is coordinating , ordering and masterminding the terrorists attacks in the towns and cities of Pakistan. This criminal has now announced an umbrageous unilateral ceasefire, which is just another attempt to shoo way security forces to reinforce the crumbling terrorists’ activities.

Government should take a page out of history, and gather support from within the Mehsud tribe against terrorists. They should start a comprehensive political and economic strategy of meeting people’s needs and honoring their nationalism, while at the same time isolating and suppressing the terrorists. Unfortunately the message of Islam has been distorted by the enemies of Islam.

Ghazala Khan manages The Pakistani Spectator

6 thoughts on “FATA Terrorists ; Servants of Islam or Enemy of Islam ?”

  1. miss sonia i wud partially agree to you. yes to mr lakhani as well….
    but the thing is that you people are more than the western media…
    those who call us backward people should come’ at least once in their lifetime’ to us and should see our hospitality..
    2ndly i would like to remind you people of our bravery that we showed in 1948 and then in 1965 and also then in 1998….

    who were the people who called us to retreat back…i think you people just know about the ones who have got nishan-e-haider which i would call just a sarkari medal and nothing else…
    who was there with rashid minhas who quoted the romantic story of his bravery…
    i think you people should revive your thinking and unbiasedly try to observe the truth..
    we are more patriotic than any other nation in the world…
    and miss sonia the smugglers about whome you are talking, you should better remember these things that zardari, nawaz sharif, the owner of haris steel mills, musharraf and all of these robbers of the national wealth, neither of them belong to FATA…
    hope fully i have at least provoked you people to think in the right direction…

  2. look…

    i come from FATA. The whole world misunderstands us. Nobody in FATA except in small pockets supports taleban.

    I am from Kurram Agency –the one area where Taleban NEVER could manage to make presence. Us Turri Pukhtoon took up arms and NEVER allowed these bastards to enter our lands. Did you know that they the taleban tried to come, and they created Sunni-Shiia fighting?? They did the most Jahhil things to create division. Divide and conquer.

    the only people that gain from taleban terrorism –and Pakistani Muslim brothers fighting eachother –is Amerikka. They gain only. They are the real problem.

    But taleban and terrorism go hand in hand. I HATE HATE HATE THEM! They are destroying image of my country and my people.

    I cannot believe that taleban still manage to find some support in Pakistan. We should be drinking their blood. We should also do more to shoot down USA drones.

    I just want Pakistan to develop and prosper. Taleban –stop your jahhil terrorism.

    All the foreign militants — DAFO MARO

    YANKEE american bastards — go home. Afghanistan and Pakistan are holy lands. Get the fuck out of our lannd

  3. Neither are the tribes arrogant nor the people of FATA smugglers…..They are loyal Pakistani citizens. Just a few years back very few in punjab and elsewhere new what FATA was, even true for today. U guys need to study FATA, The area most know only as ELLAKA KHAIR ( Area of STRANGERS)

  4. i agree with mr.lakhani. but the tribal areas have got to be brought under firm control and those proud arrogant tribes have to me made to obey the law of the land. otherwise they will destabilize the country with their support of every foreign rogue that gives them money.

  5. The people living in the tribal areas have become rich through smuggling, causing billions inl osses to the government. Now the government is finding it very difficult to control them. It will take many years to tame these lawless people.


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