Family and Politics Don’t Run Well Mr Sharif?

Nawaz SharifLove it or hate it, the magical hand which seemed to be backing the Sharif duo has some how disappeared. No one else is to be blamed than Mr Sharif himself and it is rightly said that “time and tide wait for none”. His shyness from taking active role and playing like a sissy infront of the President in the name of democracy has already served us nothing.

In Pakistan it is usually said that a real change in political environment is never achieved without the blessing of any of these three A’s,, namely Army, America and of course our Arabian friends. The magic of either PML-N or the Sharif himself is a far cry now as the one we witnessed in the case of restoration of judiciary. Carrying on with the Tripple A even the news was already in the air back then that Mr Sharif required a call from Rawalpindi before embarking on that journey. From my side his delay and his reluctance to make a final move on the presidency has greatly disappointed the masses along with the other stake holders. The recent episode in Mansehra NA 21 polls is a perfect example of how novice he becomes some times in his career. His self centred decision of awarding the ticket to Capt. (retd) Safdar’s brother was the only cause of this upset, which happened right in the political power house of PML-N.

This is not all. The grievances are much greater in Rawalpindi as well. Betrayal is the talk of the town after they left us with first Haji Pervez and now with Shakeel Awan. One wonders in the league of champions like Javed Hashmi, Khawaja Asif and Tehmina Daultana, where has Mr Sharif discovered these people. The blessing of US and Army is undoubtedly shifted from him for the time being.

In the past few years it was already believed that somehow Mr Shahbaz Sharif, Khadim e Alla and his son Hamza has taken over the reign of the party as well as the region Pml controlled. Unlike the big boss, he is a determined person whose potentials are well displayed. But the recent incident of his Chief Secretary along with the Governor dilemma has put him too in an awkward position.

With this party too going out of business, one feels that a big surprise is in the making somewhere around the corner.

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