Falling Dominoes: Gaddafi’s Libya to Bite Dust

The Hercules of Arabian and African politics, unofficially quoted by President Reagan as the “Mad Dog of Middle East”, Mr Gaddafi has finally woke up to the reality that its all over. Under the charter of UNSC resolution 1973 (I hope that’s the correct one), allied fighting force has unleashed itself on Libya.

This was on the cards, and the delay had put especially Obama in a difficult position. At odds with each other for nearly 3 decades, Gaddafi has defied international powers in every way possible. In history he had made his mark quite comprehensively many years back, mostly for negative reasons.

Muamamr GaddafiA preview on his life and rule somehow leaves one in a strange frame of mind. He tried to overtake some say the charm, fury and cunning of Che Guevara during his rule. His own infusion of Shariah and Socialism resulted in “Islamic Shariah”, with Libya becoming the prime example of this philosophy.

He has remained center of many prevailing conspiracies. From his involvement in international terrorism to supporting revolutionary wars, from an army of ladies supervising his personal security to the iron gripped governance in Libya, the man has always made it to the headlines, no matter how hard it has been.

Clearly, Libya has remained in peace under him as long as I can recall. Just for a reminder, a wave of sanction, stretched over a period of 2 decades, failed to break his will nor the stability of Libya. Infact, they survived and faced this situation with grace. Few years back, Gaddafi opened himself to West after claiming responsibility to the terror strikes (Lockerbie), paid repatriation and it seemed that he has been accepted well into the new world order. Reports were pouring in that his son, Saif has become apple for the Western diplomats, running for the oil reserves of Tripoli.

On the other hand, this episode has more to do with the capture of Pakistani scientist A.Q.Khan in the nuclear back market scandal. The consignment captured was believed to be for Libya, and once captured Gaddafi rolled out all his cards and intel, followed by an open declaration of saying “no” to acquiring nuclear weapons for his country.

2011 has taken every one by surprise. The lords of Tunisia and Egypt were deposed after ruling for decades with an “Iron Fist” , and the wave soon emerged in Libya. With initial victories, it seemed that Gaddafi has lost his claim but soon he turned the tables back. His troops went on a spree by capturing rebel held towns and breaking their advance. Just prior to the attack, it has become clear that the rebels were in no position to shatter the regime of Gaddafi. Now with US cruise missiles showering over Tripoli and French bombers attacking strategic targets, its just a matter of time before we see the climax. Americans can be expected of following the same trend of treating the foes as we saw in Iraq (hanging Saddam on Eid day and cursing him even when he was about to be hanged), and I believe Gaddafi fate wont be different at all.

Some time soon we will have CIA documents revealing, how in the disguise of business commitment, they have funneled in money and manpower to remove Gaddafi from power, after the relations became normal. In 10 years it was reported that only 1 murder has taken place in Libya, and I never heard some one dying of hunger as well. In any case, if Libyans wants democracy, who am I to argue, but to give the devil its due… Gaddafi kept their pride intact.  Rest will be decided in the upcoming days. Just for a token of appreciation, he has helped Pakistan out of the way especially under Bhutto, and in numerous other crisis faced by us.

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  1. Why Afridi & Umar Gul Bashing?

    We are emotional national. Everything that we do or plan to do we refer to emotion rather to reason. Yesterday we lost cricket match to India and started churning of rumour mill of “under hand dealing” I feel that every indivedual has a dignity and people who reach to such a fame like Afridi, Ummar GUl, Misbah etc would never compromise their national honour for few bucks. Unfortunatly, we Pakistani have weak memories we hype some people to such a degree that they begin to think that the nation is after them(like Asghar Khan, Noor Khan) but the very other moment when they commit a slight mistake or not fulfilled national expectation becaouse of the variables we start abusing them and forget their all previous contribution as was in the case of Dr.Qadeer Khan. Qadeer Khan is our national Hero but when Musharaf and his team accused him for transfering neuclear technology to North Korea and Libyia we without investigating the case started beliveing that Doctor Khan has done that and he has a lot of money in foreign accounts. Why we not ponder that neuclear centrifuge is not a small thing that he put in his pocket and transported to Lybea or North Korea. If he have/had money in foreign accounts American CIA, Mosad ,Raw would have unearth all the accounts as they did with Alqaida leaders. I appeal all my countrymen that Pakistan is our mother land, our national identity and we should respect our celibrities who has really worked for our nation. Cricket is a game of chance, the victor of today might be the loser of tomarrow. Our players played well and we are proud of their performances by reaching to semi-final.

  2. I feel the security council should not have established no flying zone on Lybea and America should not have participated in the firing of cruise missile. America is already committed in Afghanistan and Iraq it should not have exalted its position by declaring that they want the protection of civilean in Lybea. Why USA is not doing the same in Saudi Arabia and Behrain where it is supporting moarchies while in Lybea it is preaching demoracy and will of the people. Why America not condemn the killing of innocent people at Flotela by Israel? Muslim are justified in hating the United States Governamnet.

  3. nothing to write or speak after davis(devil) release……..ashamed nation. davis is not culprit but ojn individual level we all are culprit……………….


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