Ex-service men Align Against Musharraf

Though President (r) General Musharraf has shrugged-off the urging, protest and demands of some of the most formidable former top Military officers for the freedom of judiciary and reinstatement of pure democracy, these men of huge clout are not surrendering.

When an association,which includes top shots like Admiral (retd) Farooq Mirza, Air Marshal (retd) Asghar Khan ,Gen (retd) Abdul Majid Malik ,former chief of army staff Mirza Aslam Beg, Gen (retd) Talat Masood, Gen (retd) Hameed Gul, Gen (retd) Jamshed Gulzar Kiani and Vice-Admiral (retd) Tasneem and hundreds of other ex service men then it’s very hard to ignore them or shrugg them off.

These men demand that Election Commission should be reconstituted and the name of Justice Rana Bhagwandas should be considered for the post of chief election commissioner. The ex-servicemen demand that nuclear scientist Dr A.Q. Khan should be freed or tried. They are urging Musharraf in very loud and clear voice as what’s better for the country and its future.

It’s good to see that now very powerful elements of civil society from the ex-military are now coming forward to support the noble cause of democracy and judiciary. They are a big hope for Pakistan.

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