Ex-ISI official Colonel Imam killed by Punjabi Taliban

Ex ISI officer Col Imam killed by Punjabi Taliban

Ex-ISI official Sultan Amir Tarrar alias Colonel Imam has been killed by militant outfit known as Punjabi Taliban.

Col Imam along with Squadron Leader (rtd) Muhammed Khalid Khwaja and a British journalist, Asad Qureshi were kidnapped in Wana while on way to Waziristan from Kohat on March 25 2010.

Their abductors released a video on April 19 2010. Khalid Khwaja was killed on April 30 on accounts of spying and his body was thrown into suburbs of Mir Ali. Asad Qureshi was freed after that.

Col Imam was considered as the “Father of Taliban”, due to his involvement in orchestrating the organization. It is reported that Mullah Omar himself asked the Punjabi Taliban to release him unharmed, a request which they apparently declined.

This incident shows that the splinter groups working under the umbrella of Taliban are not fully controlled by the “Shura” in Afghanistan.

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1 thought on “Ex-ISI official Colonel Imam killed by Punjabi Taliban”

  1. @C-T
    I am sure the Asian fox or tiger watever they called themselves were a bunch of sissies, who culdnt find nything else but 2 get their hand on a retired officer in order 2 prove themselves.B******ds!!
    Commander Imam has spent a decorated career as a soldier with missions nearly impossible, and as a human he was above even from that as i had the honour of meeting him. I am a bit sad as to why the forces never tried seriously for their release,, reminds me of 1st blood part 2 where stallone was abandoned by his own men.
    Their are still version regarding their activities in tht area. It was reported that these respected Mujahideen founders were their to win support for Pak army and allign tribes with the government, who had given refuge to foreign militants. In short, a dedicated soldier till the end…..a patriot ever after like Khalid Khawaja.
    May Allah bless his soul with Jannat and help his family out of this loss.


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