Enemy At The Gates

A nation living with unprecedented attitude will always face the unprecedented laws of a jungle. Pakistani politics has been used as an instrument of war with bloodshed unlike the definition given by Mao Zedong, “politics is war without bloodshed”. It’s not the first time when a national leader has been brutally assassinated here in Pakistan. The laws of jungle have this time brought the enemy at the gates. Assassination of a leader is not new to this nation, what new is that the enemy is unidentifiable on grounds like where they will end up.

The dilemma of this situation lies in the fact that this enemy has been using youth as its explosive bombs. And now they have begun with target killings which further encumber the nation. The politics of acrimony is bringing an ever deeping vortex of chaos and violence. The criminal minded and criminals both have always capitalized these opportunities whenever there is a path visible for socio- economic development of Pakistan. To counter the enemies Pakistan much strengthen its democratic accountable institutions. It is likely to be the best remedy for instability and political extremism.

When states start choosing between stability and democracy it calls for self destruction because it’s an absolute wrong choice. The world powers and Pakistan must assess tolerance and should work towards recognizing that Pakistan is moving towards the midst of political transition. This time we have to find the enemy which is beside us at our gates.

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