Emergency : Ban on Bloggers

One of the most noticeable things for the common man in the country after the imposition of emergency in the country is the dark screens of T.V. where before the emergency national and international news channels were present.

With the help of spineless and shameless cable operators, PEMRA has already deprived people of the broadcasts by the private T.V. channels, and these wishy-washy cable operators have started showing nude Indian and English channels as a replacement of news channels. And Oh yes you can still watch the world’s best worst television channel: PTV.

Print media has also received a severe spanking. Press, newspapers, news agencies, and books have also been curbed with the help of an amendment in RD Ordinance 2002. A clause, 5-A, has been added to this ordinance and through this the print media has been controlled and according to this new ordinance, they are not to print anything against president, armed forces, executive and judiciary and also against any state organizations.

If anyone disobeys this ordinance, DCO and DC can suspend the license of that newspaper or agency and the responsible could be imprisoned for 3 years, and could be fined for Rs. 10 million, and the government has also published a code of conduct for print and news media.

Wow. We the desi bloggers don’t have Rs. 10 million, and we would squeak even at the mention of 3 year imprisonment. Government knows that. That is why they haven’t even bothered to mention the new media. So we can keep on spewing venom against them, till somebody gets to know that there is also something called as Internet, and on it there are a new kind of rogue media called as blogs, and some of the naughty Pakistani kids have also got blogs out there. Till then, happy blogging.

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