Once again, Islamabad is teeming with the rumors of Emergency in the country. Origin of the rumors is the ministers and members of PML-Q, especially Information Minister Mohammad Ali Durrani and Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad. They are not only predicting emergency, but also Sheikh Rashid has coined a new term “Emergency Plus”.

This time the pretext of emergency is the old one. The proponents of emergency are saying that it is inevitable because law and order situation in the country has gone very bad. Suicide bombers are scouring the country like bugs. Bombs are blasting like fire crackers. Street crimes are happening in every street. Small time looters and dacoits have got free hand, as police is busy somewhere else, and the big time looters and dacoits have got NRO.

Emergency is certainly on the cards, and many things including Martial Law hinges on the decision of the Supreme Court, which is sluggish but solid right now. The main pretext through which Emergency Plus could be promulgated in the country is the alarmingly rising suicide attacks on army and air force and yes the poor police. Poor in the sense that it always remains on the look for money.

The question is that will suicide attacks stop after the promulgation of emergency? Right now Pakistani forces are busy in doing operations in the Malakund division, North Waziristan and other FATA areas, and attacking the Taliban hideouts and trying to control the rising influence and control of militants in these areas. Security forces are also receiving heavy losses, as they are in two minds. At one side they don’t want to kill their own brethren, and on the other they have to obey the orders and stop militants to create states within the state.

Tension, frustration and apprehensions are on the rapid rise in the FATA area. Jirga upon Jirga is being held in the area, but in vain. Jirga has become a farce, and it has lost its efficacy due to repetitive violations from both sides. Emergency rumors are also playing with the nerves of the already hapless people of Pakistan. People really don’t gave a screw to the emergency, as they are trying hard to get roti for their children.

Emergency rumors are not for the people of Pakistan, because it doesn’t make a difference for them. These are perhaps a threat in disguise to Supreme Court. Through these rumors government is trying to convey a very stern message to the courts that if they decide otherwise, emergency or even Martial Law is just at the arm’s length.

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  1. Nowhere else but in Pakistan are the courts treated with such contempt. The time has come for telling the rulers that they are not above the law. They cannot ask agencies tokidnap innocent people, and they should not threaten judges. If Pakistan is to be saved, the rulers will have to respect the law.


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