Dua -e- Jashn-e-Azadi

Aye pyare logon sajdey mein ja ker mangein doaa yeh Khuda se…

O God, forgive us for all the things we have done knowing and unknowing, bless our country with all the wisdom and peace in every corner. We have been very dishonest in our deeds, we have been killing each other on the sake of small benefits, we fired at mosque’s, we burnt the kids reading Quran, we have been most illiterate by calling the law of Quran as old and traditional. But see God, in spite of so much misdeeds we still bow in front of You for forgiveness and hope that Your rehmat is far beyond our bad deeds. We make this country for Islam but instead crushed its golden rules.

O ALLAH kindly bless us still, lift us and make us your favorite by making us knowledge and wisdom. Whatever we are we are still the Muslims of the Islamic nation, make us a benchmark for the entire world, we don’t want progress on the part of anti-Islam, help us to follow the sunnah of great Prophet (saw) and bless this country for the sake of Prophet Mohammad (saw) and his followers. YOU can only show us the best way.

Please ALLAH makes Pakistan a heaven on earth and show the world how peacefully Muslims can live in one society. Ameen

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