Dreams are forever

Dreams …an illusion, a vision, our hopes, our fantasies…

our wishes unaccomplished, a way for all wanna be’s to be what they want for a while.

A ray of hope that evrything is possible.A way to see your close ones, closer…

Dreams are I belive a nourishment for the soul opening the mind to imaginations.

Something which is still a mystery. You cannot predict what is being conveyed to you.

Its an intution and sometimes just a glimpse of what is being fantasised.

Dreams are forever..the ray oif hope, teh sign of life.

We live, and hence we dream.

1 thought on “Dreams are forever”

  1. Dreams are not just only illusion or fasination, they are also source of information. A way of communication. You can see in a dream which may become a reality in future. All u need to know is the way to process this information


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