Dr. Sher Afgan

Atta a minister. I mean, no talk show or discussion forum on private channel get completed without him. He is called as the ‘Hafiz’ of constitution, and his funny style and comical way of quoting the articles and other legalese is quite amusing for us, though sometimes when we get a pang of guilt, we come to realize how low we are.

The election commission has been apparently prompted by the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs to amend the Presidents Election Rules 1988, at a time when this issue was, among others, under active consideration of the Supreme Court. This unlawful amendment, also affecting the constitution, was shown to and approved by the rulers who are a party involved in this case and are candidates for this job.

It is extremely morbidly funny and equally sad that such important and critical matters are being handled by a person of the intellect and caliber of a person like Dr. Sher Afgan Niazi. The conduct of this minister has put all Pakistanis to shame. We as a country have become a laughing stock around the world.

Some days back another farce was seen in the pages of Pakistani newspapers by this role model of intelligence, when his statement was published that the Supreme Court would be held responsible if some criminal or insane person becomes a presidential candidate as a result of any changes in the election rules. The minister himself talks endlessly on all and any matter of public concern and that toeing the manner of an utterly idiot person.

May one ask who is responsible for appointing Dr. Sher Afgan to be the minister in-charge of fulmination.

Our country today stands at the crossroads. All sorts of noises (both sensible and otherwise) are being made at a very high pitch. It is very difficult to keep you balance under these circumstances. But then, this is the time to do this. We have to rise above incorrigible ministers like these.

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