Dr. Imran Farooq Murder Conspiracy: By a MQM Supporter

Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons or property will be safe.

This is what always happens in Pakistan after any major incidents. People forget some basic teaching of Islam, what ALLAH said in Quran.

In Surah Al Hujaraat Muslims have been given the instruction that it is not right to believe in every news blindly and to act according to it, without due thought. If information is received about a person, a group or a community, it should be seen carefully whether the means of the information is reliable or not. If the means is not reliable, it should be tested and examined to see whether the news is authentic or not before taking any action on it.

Translation of the Verses of QURAN:

Surah Al Hujaraat [6-8]

O you who have believed, if a wicked person brings you some news, inquire into it carefully lest you should harm others unwittingly and then regret what you have done. Knew it well that the Messenger of Allah is among you. If he were to obey you in most affairs, you would certainly be in trouble. But Allah has endeared the Faith to you and made it seem fair in your hearts and made disbelief, wrongdoing and disobedience abhorrent to you. Such are those who are rightly guided through Allah’s grace and Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise.

Recently Convener of the MQM Doctor Imran Farooq was murdered in London. After the formation of Mohajir Quami Movement (MQM) on 18 March 1984, Dr. Imran Farooq became the Secretary General of the party and used his abilities for spreading the philosophy of MQM Founder and Leader Mr. Altaf Hussain. This loves & affiliation with MQM and Altaf Hussain brought Dr Imran Farooq in London. So far his murder is unsolved. But some groups are trying to upset political situation in Pakistan by their conspiracy theories. They have their political desire behind it.

In this world, no one knows truth better than victim himself or the killer. But unfortunately victim is not here to tell us the truth. But it is not difficult to find the truth.

It is on the record that Dr. Imran Farooq took asylum on behalf of MQM. He mentioned in his statement that his life was threatened by some Pakistani agencies, establishment and political parties. He also mentioned in his report that he was very close aide, confidante and a truly committed colleague of Mr. Altaf Hussain. He gave all his statement under oath. After complete investigation home office of United Kingdom granted him asylum.

I humbly request Pakistan officials, ambassadors or media to request UK government or home office of UK to publish his asylum report to the public. This will clear the situation to the general public of Pakistan. It is good to start investigation from the groups, political parties and agencies who threatened his life per his asylum report. Because of them he was in hiding for seven years in Pakistan and took asylum in London. These groups are trying to put false allegation of his murder on MQM. They should know that Doctor Imran Farooq never gave any statement against MQM or Altaf Hussain in his entire live. But he gave statements against these groups many times. He was forced to leave the country because of these groups. London is a very big city, most of Pakistani community lives in South & east of London. But Doctor Imran Farooq preferred to live near to the MQM office which is located in North of London. This is another proof of his affection towards MQM.

In the last I humbly request retired General Mushraf to come forward and tell the truth to the public of Pakistan.

Dawar Naqvi lives in USA and is a MQM supporter.

Ed Note: This article is received in email and is published verbatim to provide diverse opinions to our readers. Chowrangi.com may not endorse or validate the contents.

26 thoughts on “Dr. Imran Farooq Murder Conspiracy: By a MQM Supporter”

  1. well wat a pathetic press conference it was…….

    wat a comedy show……. Hilarious show of a Drunkard, mentally unstable and a low life.


    he himself admitted tat he dusnt have any proofs n he will render apology if proved wrong later.. so much for his allegations….. Y shud any one believe his hang over speech….

    wat is my catch from the press conference….

    my view is he wants to make the situation more complex by opening different fronts at one time and TRYING desperately to divert attention from MQM attrocities by highlighting the urdu speaking killings n threatening every one in sind to stop accusing or he will unleash his GOONS…… he has simply failed !

    he has alleged ANP for breakup of the country n its old n new leaders involved in nefarious activities..accused JI of the same……PML N sind nationalist MEDIA CJP lawyers ISI all came under fire or accused in one way or the other…..

    how come he say stop accusing MQM OR he will take his peace pledge back ?? where is the government and the law enforcing agencies ?? how can this be un noticed ??

    y wud he try to complicate the already complex situation ?? the answer lies within his press conference….any sane person can judge for himself tat his press conference was nuthing but a pack of total lies, fasle accusation n baseless allegations……it was just a tit for tat for wat mirza has said n a warning to different groups including govt bodies too to toe their line or else face the consequences…..SUCH A MSG from THE DON WAS NEEDED…. n to tell his vote bank tat hes alive n kicking n not under any detention…

    wats the difference between Mirza & Altaf press conference ???…. My catch is CONVICTION….. watever mirza has said/alleged is measureable and verifiable and the intensity in his words says it all…… ALtaf lacked every thing…..he was miserable….simply pathetic…

    as i wrote in my earlier writings tat ppl r getting sick n tired of him even in the internal rank & file of MQM because hes a complete shame for the killers party…

    Change is eminent……….
    Only tym will tell……….

  2. Well said Nabiha..!!!
    I wonder why the Author is still silent……..is he now became a “silent supporter of Muttahida Qatil Movement” ???

  3. The description of the writer says it all 😉

    Investigations are underway. The complete absence of MQM chief despite major upheavals in Karachi politics, his simply confirming the speculations and unconfirmed reports of his house arrest as suspect in this murder case. ISI and IB, the leading intelligence agencies of the world have sent reports to SCY and Brit govt. confirming terrorist claims of MQM. More recently, JIT has also given a report proving the same.

    All these are ‘investigative’ proofs, not mere here say. The writer needs to get informed.

  4. Dear “MQM Supporter”,
    I appreciate your support towards your party in this critical situation where their own supporters are not supporting them..!
    Your blog is said to be 1-sided only. You did not even touched the back of the mirror, which is infact very clear than the front.

    You have mentioned about the Assalym Report / Application of Imran Farooq, but you did not mentioned that the Assalym was taken more or less 18 years before, and the relationships and situation changes within the party at any time. Like Safdar Abbasi and Naheed were the key personnels in PPP just 3 years ago and now, Safdar Abbasi is not even the member of CEC PPP. Admit the Fact plz..!

    Secondly, If MQM really feels the dignity and loyalty of Imran Farooq, then why MQM suspended his membership since the last 2 years..?? (how a founder person violates the descipline, i really cant beleive) and do you have the record, when Imran Farooq last visited the London Secritariat ?? No..off-course, since he is not allowed in London Secritariat after the suspension of his membership or as a conveyner.

    Lets also mention the murder of Azam Tariq, which is already proofed and there is nothing to discuss further.

    Further more, as far as your references concerned regarding the blindly beleif. The example of 12th May is a clear and hot example, what MQM did. I didnt heard about 12th May killings BUT i saw it LIVE…!!…and when the judicial inquiry / hearing was took-up in Sindh Hi-Court, there were more or less 2500 MQM supporters gathered around the Court to build pressure on judiciary…!!

    My friend, there are alot of real examples to be quote but above are quit enuf to let the peoples mind clear about MQM.

  5. 1043 deaths in 10 months.

    Killers r on the loose. its Human lyf thats wasted, who is answerable for it ? do the ppl involved hav no fear of Allah Almighty, if indeed they r even muslims.

    PPP is the prime responsible that is not controlling MQM attrocities, obviously for political reasons,wat a shame.
    There is a strong need to urge Hawks in PP like Gabool, Mirza n patel to come forward for the safety n well being of all Karachites by raising above party lines.Just as Mirza has played a v imp role in handling the pressure of MQM, but he has his limits.

    MQM will never leave the coalition bcz by remaining within the coalition only then they can safeguard their nefarious intentions, PPP’s policy of taking along all the parties with it is really commendable although i will be the last person on the face of earth to support PPP, but wats gud must be appreciated and they have dealt well with the media DON’s like abbassi, sehbai, dr. shahid, hamid mir, kamran khan and Mr.iftekhar, but they must realize that MQM is now being continuously threatened and challenged by ANP, so in the coming elections the picture will not remain the same, so its tym to act wisely n they must now start exerting pressure on MQM to remain within its limits.

    The hoax of the assasination threats of the 3 THUGS has resulted in more killings.wen will we realize the sanctity of human lyf ?

    when will we understand & know the real face of the Killer Movement,MQM.

    The time is running out.

  6. Benazir used to describe Altaf as a cowardly rat, publicly.

    In an interview with Asia week on her visit to Malaysia, she categorically described him as a criminal, insane, killer and an abscondor. She openly said he killed Azim tariq and she has proofs. all this wen she was PM and y wud she lie ?

    kindly search on Google for her interview wd Asia week during Malyasia as i dunt have the exact dates.

    wat a mess and wat a shame, ANP out of local elections bcz of fear of lives, if only the institutions were doing their job, things wud b in the right presepective but this monster has been allowed to grow so big dat it has become a threat to his masters now.

    ANP holding out on US instructions, surprising twists in the game.SLY is deliberatle taking time and after the PS 94 elections i am sure the findings of the former henchman are in the v near future.More controversies.

    we r really preturbed in the inner circles.His health is on a decline too, strangely, seems prayers r working.

    The gud thing is wd the Killing spree in Karachi, same has not started in London(bviously dat is not Pakistan) and Londoners are safe. Thanks HEaven.

    change is eminent !


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