Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s Baal-e-Jibreel


There is a noise in the Kaaba of your ‘Self’ with my longing voice and is an intense turbulence in the Idol House of Traits”

“Huris and angels are trapped in the network of my thoughts and there is an interruption in your glows with my vision”.

“Although my search is sketching the features of Idols and Kaaba, there is an uprising in Kaaba and Somnat with my cries”

“Sometimes, my piercing vision penetrated through Your Heart; at others, it remained trapped in my superstitions.”

“What a wonder of yours it was that you disclosed me! I was the only secret in the heart of the Universe”


“Enhance the brightness of the luminous hair. Trap the consciousness and talent; trap the heart and the vision.”

“Let love as well as beauty be under the veil. Either, You come to limelight or bring me in limelight”

“You are an infinite ocean; I am just a small drop of water. Either take me in your lap or push me out of Your lap.”

“If I am a sea shell, then under your command is my prestige. If I am a broken shell, then transform me into an imperial pearl”

“If a splendid spring song is not my fortune, transform this half warm breath species into a little spring bird.”

“Why did You order my voyage from the Garden of Eden?
The world business is extensive, now wait for me”

When the account of my deeds is presented on Day of Judgment, be ashamed yourself and put me also in shame.” {Translation by Dr. Muhammad Rafiq Khan}

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