Domestic Violence Against Men


Abusers Don’t Have A Gender. Violence Is Violence.

Men are victims of domestic violence just as much as women are. However, it remains hidden because of the humiliation associated with it. After all, no man wants to be laughed at with the statement ‘biwi se pitta hai’. In society, men are seen as strong and valiant, so any claims of domestic violence against men are dismissed, but that is far from reality. Men are abused, victimised, and tormented. Men suffer in silence.

Men are victims of not only physical violence, but also psychological abuse. Women are notorious for taunting, name calling, and humiliating their husbands in front of other people, not to mention kicking, biting, scratching, and throwing objects which result in serious injury. Daily Mail refers to women as ‘relationship terrorists’, calling them more controlling and aggressive than men.

The media glamorizes domestic violence against women, as it is good for business. If you try and highlight the truth, you can be a victim of death threats, as in the case of Erin Pizzey.

Pizzey has been the subject of death threats and boycotts because of her research into the claim that most domestic violence is reciprocal, and that women are equally as capable of violence as men


In his book, Gender Inclusive Treatment of Intimate Partner Abuse: A Comprehensive Approach (2005), John Hamel states:

“Women are raised to avoid direct expressions of aggression. However they learn indirect methods of control, such as ostracism, gossip, and passive aggressive behaviour. More importantly, society grants women considerably more leeway in the expression of physical violence against intimate partners than it does men.”

The video below shows the double standards of modern society in which only women can be victims, while men who are victimized are mocked and laughed at when they are abused at the hands of a woman.

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