Does Al-Qaeda Exists ?

We in Pakistan as much abhor terrorism as they detest it in the West. We as much condemn the 9/11 and London Bombing, as we objurgate suicide attacks in Islamabad and Kohat and elsewhere. We know that it would be much disturbing for the American people to read that almost all Pakistanis believe that Al-Qaeda doesn’t exist at all anywhere.

Just for a moment, think neutrally. Who has taken most advantage due to activities of so-called Al-Qaeda? Muslims? or US? The image of Muslims have been tarnished badly all over the non-Muslim world. They are being targeted and degraded and labelled all kind of bad names in the non-Muslim world. What US have gained? two countries; Iraq and Afghanistan, huge reserves of oil, heavy clout in multiple regions, more and more contracts for the American businesses, and many intangible advantages.

We, in Pakistan are wondering who these Al-Qaeda person are. Who is Osama Bin Laden and who are his companions. Why they are exactly doing these things, which is only harming the Muslims. These are very burning questions and needs to be answered fairly. What is exactly war on terrorism? Where the weapons of mass destruction have gone? What is the justification of Guantanamo Bay?

American public should rise to the occasion and see beyond the smoke screen of CNN, BBC and Fox News. We, in Pakistan and in the rest of Muslim world love humanity and peace. The meaning of Islam is ‘Peace’. How could we support the suicide attacks and terrorism? We don’t have anything to do with it. We are not angels, but we are not devils either. We are just like you.

Lets find out exactly who Al-Qaeda is?

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