Disappointed Nation

Emergency came and is in the vogue, and contrary to all the expectations of media, lawyers and others nation is still in slumber. No considerable protests were recorded in any city of Pakistan. Common man is still going about his business. There is no interruption in the daily proceedings of life in Pakistan. People are surely not liking the emergency, mainly because they have been deprived of the political entertainment rendered by the private channels, and also they have got a semblance of awareness that emergency and Martial Law are not that much better after all, and civilized world doesn’t even imagine about it.

Lawyers tried to agitate and controlled forcefully by Police throughout the country. The most funny and familiar reaction came from the opposition parties. Half of the opposition leaders vanished in the thin year, and the other half made a sign of V, called police at their home and also some journalists and presented their arrest to Police while smiling approvingly at the camera.

Like all other issues, which really shook the world, Pakistani nation still didn’t come out on the roads. Its not that they approve of the emergency and the judiciary shuffling and other measures, they are basically without the leadership. Lack of dynamic, brave, visionary and true leadership has made them hapless and impotent. They know things are not at their best, and action on their part is needed, but they are in a quandary of whom to follow.

PML-N, MMA, PONAM, and other so-called democratic champion opposition parties yet again disappointed the nation, by their incompetence and lack of mobilization. APDM is no where to be seen, and all of its leadership is yet again either in the jail or in house arrest with luxury. People’s Party is enjoying after striking a deal with Musharraf, and MMA is already in the lap of government courtesy to Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman. Nation has terminated its sympathies with the opposition parties and they are supporting lawyers and media, but they know that their reach is very limited.

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