Demo Democracy

Yar, General g, at least give us a demo of true democracy in the form of an interim government before elections. Ok, let the demo be like the demo of Microsoft Windows Vista, which looked spell-bounding in demo, and when used in real world sucked in an exquisite royal fashion. What the hell, give us a demo, and then come over again after some months in the name of national interest. We promise, we will distribute sweets upon your arrival.

It is democracy and democracy alone that can counter domestic and external challenges effectively. The era of ifs and buts is over. It is never too late to move on to restore Pakistan to the map of the civilized world. Let the elections held under a neutral setup. A national consensus on fundamental issues is the only exit from the long and dark tunnel dug by unprincipled principles and not personalities. This is the time tested way out of the crisis. All other routes lead to national disaster and collective suicide.

For our survival, we have no choice but to tread on the lines prescribed by the founding fathers of our independence. The so-called politicians who are supporting uniform do not subscribe to the ideals of democracy. It must be fully understood that a democratic process can start only after the army has gone back to barracks. Uniform and democracy cannot coexist except in the mind of a demented person.

Pakistan is passing through a defining moment of its history. The ball is in the court of rulers backed by political ostriches. The hour of judgment is fast approaching. A long distance has to be traversed in a very short time. Our present doesn’t seem to be aware of the dynamics of the democratic era. Hoodwink of mock blindness cannot sustain these state of affairs for a long time, and we really want to survive, we have to be like the rest of the world and not like Myanmar.

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