Demanding Resignation

For long many political figures had been demanding Musharraf to doff his uniform and after doing so, opposition termed him as an illegitimately elected president of Pakistan. Many segments of polity, today term him as retired General or dictator only that clearly illustrates his diminishing popularity. Having robust senses with the power chair it was always easy for Musharraf to undo the voices coming from the opposition side within the parliament. His continues absences in addressing the parliament session, always echoing with “Go Musharraf Go!” were demonstrating growing dark shades on his regime.

All the developmental projects, the concept of enlightened moderation, working on Kashmir issue and bringing Pakistan in league of developing states from one of failed state can not justify Musharraf’s stances taken for war on terror that largely staked Pakistan’s sovereignty.

Recently many retired army, air force chiefs, navy, generals, admirals and air marshals have jointly demanded Musharraf’s resignation in a conference. Not only have they demanded his resignation but voiced there concern for the restoration of democracy. This stance is a prudent message that despite being part of the armed forces of Pakistan he has lost his support there as well and the niche has also been set that a pro longed rule can ultimately harm Pakistan’s interest in future. Secondly this also brings into attention that his further stay in power is also confiding the civil support for armed forces.

Some times the symbols of an institution bring respect as well as disrespect. Similarly few years back joining armed forces of Pakistan was always a dream of youngsters in Pakistan for its symbolism in shape of protecting the borders, the grace, nationalism, man of word phenomenon, helping in natural disasters and maturational projects that fermented the thoughts. Unfortunately, certain policies adopted by Musharraf while remaining the General of armed forces adversely effected on the reputation of armed forces, reducing the civil support, iota of confidence and acting as a catalyst to divide nation and armed forces. With no elucidation and continuous rise of the dust can demolish super powers, weaken iron curtains than why not make Musharff resign?

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