Dead Level

According to the newspaper reports the water level in the dams of Pakistan has reached to its all time low and the situation is not expected to improve in the coming days.

At Mangla Dam, the live storage capacity has come down to 4.54maf against the original 5.34maf in 1967 when the dam was built. According to the survey, Tarbela dam, which was completed three decades ago, had a gross capacity of 11.62maf and live (usable) capacity of 9.68maf, with 1.94maf water left in the lake (dead level) to check silt movement. The two dams had in the beginning a combined capacity of 15.02maf, which has now declined to 11.36maf. According to the Dawn news.

What it shows is the clear lack of interest on the part of national planners to have some sound planning for the water and power plans, and there seems to be no planning for the future in this regard. Now According to the WAPDA, country should be ready to face 12 hour load shedding in big cities in the coming summer.

Will the new government able to do something in that regard?

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  1. This happens every year, but WAPDA thinks it won’t happen again. The glaciers are melting and in future the dams will have no water. So what will they do when that happens? They should have developed spare thermal capacity to produce electricity in case of water level in dams going very low. But then, government officers are known for being remarkably stupid.


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