Crumbling State League

After Nawaz Sharif’s announcement to return Pakistan on 10th of September, Benazir has gone really nervous and she is even thinking to shed the infamous deal with the present regime. The emotional reaction Sharif brothers have received from the populace across the country over their decision to come back has jolted the echleons of PPP.

President Musharraf would himself be shocked at the U-turns of Benazir. But he is still very much hopeful of striking a deal with her, as he knows her hunger for ‘Kursi’. General Musharraf has directed Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz and Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain to meet the disgruntled party members and address their concerns when the ruling Muslim League (Q) is encountering a revolt like situation.

Following Minister of State for Information Technology Ishaq Khakwani’s regination from cabinet slot, PML Q’s vice president Lt Gen (retd) also expressed his reservations over the president’s plan to contest for the next term in uniform. Mr. Kabir Wasti, who has been a proven outspoken critic of party high command has been expelled from the party.

The president continues to insist that he will take the decision on uniform in accordance with the constitution which allows him to keep it till the end of the year. But he is facing a stiff resistance from the opposition, even from the PPP who is ready to strike a deal. He is also facing a stern criticism from within the PML Q, the state league.

There is no disputing General Musharraf’s observation that Pakistan requires political stability in order to stay on the track of development and progress it got onto eight years ago. But he should also sit alone and ponder as why his staying in uniform is important to effectively meet the challenges facing the country?

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  1. you know what this whole scene reminds me of when i was living in Dubai a couple of years ago there was this show that was showing on an Arabic channel and it was about this rich man who is married to 4 women and they all try living in one house , thats how our country looks like, but the irony here would be that the women fought because they wanted to prove to there husband they love him more than the other wife, but with our politicians they just want to see how much they can rip off the husband (pakistan) to secure there future and have more control over him.


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