Criss Cross Roads

Pakistan is standing on the crossroads, but then we hear and read all the time that Pakistan is such a condition. I think its time we should leave this permanent position, and move forward on somewhere, as it’s not that much conducive to stand aimlessly at crossroads for ever.

Pakistan has been mutilated by the fits of attacks on the elected assemblies by the establishment and it’s time that the politicians should learn some lessons from the past. In many affairs, Pakistan People’s Party, Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, and Awami National Party has done good, but they need to do hell lot more, and they should not take everything for granted.

They need to work for the welfare of the country, and they should not give way to the short term benefits and they should not offer temporary and fake relief to the nation. They need to take tough decisions and that is what is required from them.

They must not compromise on the key issues like judiciary and the riddance from the dictatorship. If they do compromise, then everything is hopeless and useless.

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