Creature Service

Creature Services include every work from which all the people achieve advantage. Its not about rendering targeted advantage over to some specific group, religion or color. Creature services not only encompasses the people, but it also include the animals and other creatures of Allah.

The objective of human life is to accomplish good deeds. In this the creature services has got a paramount importance. To advice others to perform good deeds is also a very good deed. Its also very noble to mediate between rival groups or people. Quraan orders us to spend our excessive earnings in the way of Allah. That is how the needs of poor can be fulfilled.

Our dear, sweet, paragon, ideal, last, and perfect Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), has stressed a lot on the concept of servicing others. Daily the citizens of Mecca watched our Prophet (PBUH) that he was going through the markets of Mecca with lots of load on his shoulders. This load belonged to the poor and weak ladies of , who were unable to go to market. So Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) used to purchase commodities from the market and took them to the houses of those ladies.

Nowadays this world is littered with selfishness. If we adopt the concept of creature service, then the society as a whole will benefit and progress. To visit the patient, to share the grief of poor and weak are small things but their effects are lasting. The deeds which are done for the welfare of others enable the mutual love in the populace. If the needs of every person in a society are fulfilled then every person becomes happy and satisfied, and in return this clears the society from incubating the crimes.

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