Cover Letter For a Job : A Must

One of the thing which is very important for an employer, is the cover letter with the resume. This is also the most ignored thing for the job seekers, and if they attach it, its often not up to the par. The relationship of cover letter with a CV is same as the relationship between body and soul.

CV in detail and resume in brief just tells that who you are, what you have studied, where have you worked, what are your skills, what are your hobbies, your references and what else is very special about you. In the course of applying for a job, the only way to tell or convince the employer, as why you are the suitable candidate for his particular job is through cover letter. It is where you talk with the employer. It is where you pitch yourself for the job and it is where you have to create the first impression. It is where you make or break. It is where your market yourself.

The thing you must look for in a cover letter is a very brief and to the point translation between employer’s specific job and you. If a lot of the applications come in, the cover can really help to set you apart from the rest. In the cover letter, quickly tell, how did hear about the job, then in three lines, throw a glowing spotlight on why do you believe that you are well suited for the job and also these three lines must reveal that you have taken the pain to research about employer’s company. Sell yourself completely in the cover letter. Just pique the interest of employer and make his time reading your cover letter a joy, and the cover letter should compel him to read your CV with anticipation.

Think long and hard about each and every word in your cover letter. Will that word help get you into an interview? If not, find a way to get rid of it. Be brief, comprehensive and spot-on.

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  1. with my experience helping my mom going through CVs to select new employees in her office, she first looks at how well written the CV is and its not a copy and paste kind of CV, that how much of a personal touch did the candidate has put in the CV( thats a first impression through paper) and also how neat the candidate might be by the way he/she put the words together, and also she looks at the simplicity of the application, and the level of professionalism it holds.


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