Contribution Towards Stable Pakistan

Historical facts of Pakistan make it quite visible that what were and presently are the flaws in the government policies that contributed as weak links in socio-economic and political development of Pakistan. A state that was established on the basis of an ideology was not supposed to make mistakes on personal interest, military intervention in politics and its social divisions. Other then these were immature weak alignments of Pakistan with states that aided and funded Pakistan for short-term interests.

Both wings of Pakistan took more than enough of time to trust each other’s capabilities and intensions therefore an imminent dark chapter turned its page. Similarly making of a constitution after reaching the limits of tolerance was placed. During the bipolarity Pakistan officialdom from military imported the bleeding wound that has caused an incurable disease to the nation. Political parties lacked politicians while produced leaders within democratic parties that later became dictoral in nature harming the true essence of democratic institutions.

On economic side prudent attention towards developmental projects was always scare sometimes because they lacked recourses and sometimes due to polity’s opposition in shape of strikes and protests around the country. Thus no government except Yahya’s made an apparently visible change to cope with lack of industrialization.

Today Pakistan is again going through tough times and the nationalist sentiments are being hijacked by political parties dividing the nation into several segments on the basis of religion, language, caste system and provisional divisions; with multiple minor and major diversities. It is dire need of time to shape the foreign policy on clear, confident, deterrent and sovereign grounds. It is important to define the meaning of war on terror that has been used as a pretext by Pakistan’s allies to intervene in the domestic affairs and nuclear security, causing an increase in confusion and chaos within the polity.

The maturational projects should be the foremost priority of any government that is elected in the scheduled general elections. The polity must also contribute on the basis of moral grounds because the social morality is the first impression that shows the mindset of people anywhere around the world.

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  1. It was not Bhutto who built the steel mill. When the U.S. was dead against Pakistan setting up a steel mill, it was Yahya Khan who went to Moscow and signed the deal for construction of the steel mill in Karachi. I remember Yahya on TV saying triumphantly, “I got the steel mill!” Of course, the construction started much later, and completion took a long time, but it was Yahya (not Bhutto), who should be get the credit for it.

  2. Hmmmmmmmmmmm!

    “no government except Yahya”

    Actually successive Pakistani governments have built Pakistan. In 1947 there was one textile mill, one jute mill and one university….now we have hundreds and thousands.

    Ayub Khan’s decade of development from 1958-1968 was so good that Korean representatives used to come to Pakistan to learn about the 10 ear plans of Pakistan. Mangla and Tarbela, and kala Shah Kakoo etc. were all built during that era.

    Bhutto built the Steel Mills, and Zia Camra. Msuharraf built the Gwador port etc.

    ……..the list is long…

    “maturations”…what does this ‘word” mean?

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