Congress is Back – With a Bang

Congress won India Elections 2009

Well it seems that Indians have yet again trusted Congress to take them through. The results up till now have made it clear that BJP is out of the power race, and congress and its allies are in the driving seat.

Well, I can just say that why not Indians opt for the Congress and its premier Manmohan Singh. The guy came at the same time when Musharraf chose Shaukat Aziz to be his visionary partner. I still remember that back then, it was a hot topic in the West that the South Asian traditional rivals, Indo-Pak, have opted for economical reforms, as both the states have expert economist.

Well, where Manmohan steered India safely away from global credit crunch, Mr. Aziz ensured that he does the opposite. His government ended with the economy in ruins, his artificially created economic boom was over and we were back on the foot path of international political highway. Not only this, under Manmohan India secured the nuclear deals with US, France and Russia. This was a great leap forward, owing to the fact that it has officially made India a strong nominee for the Security Council permanent member, which will be a great diplomatic victory for them. Toward Pakistan, he was no different from his previous fellows, as no constructive effort was taken in this regard. Over Mumbai carnage, his party was successful in driving Pakistan right into the firing lane.

Out of this, I would like to send a message to our respectable establishment. Where they heard saying time and time again that we will complete our allotted 5 year, start thinking today to take such steps, so that after your 5 years, may be you are somehow considered for another 5 year term. Well honestly, I feel that’s next to impossible.

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