Congrats : No Suicide Attack Today So far

Its about midday today and thanks God still there is no news flash on the television channels or on the internet news sites about any suicide bomber attack or bomb blast or any other terrorist activity in the country.

Like other news regarding daily deaths in Iraq and terrorism of Indian Army in Kashmir and crash of Karachi stock exchange, we are fast becoming immune to the news of suicide attacks in Pakistan. We are sticking our necks in the sand. Though its happening right in our home, yet we take it as its happening in Greenland.

What’s the matter with us? Are we so brave and carrying on with our lives by saying “Show Must Go On”, or are we getting more apathetic by each passing day? I don’t doubt on the abilities of our security agencies and the law enforcement agencies. I don’t really have any doubts upon their ability to stop and eradicate this terrorism menace. What really worries me is the massive amount of policemen surrounding judges, judges’ colonies, lawyers, politicians and other places, when they should be out there doing their utmost to curb terrorism.

Terrorism is the biggest challenge to our country right now. Price hike and hoarding will go away, once Chuadharies of Gujrat and Lotas of Punjab and Sindh get lost. Street crimes and general law and order situation will also come to normal upon their ouster (as they don’t seem to depart at their own). In the previous nine or so years, the popularity of Army has plummeted in the masses. Though people still love the Army in their hearts, but they feel very bad when they see it entangled in politics and in other parts of economy. They don’t want to see it toeing the line of Washington blindly.

If only Army succeeds in rooting out the curse of terrorism, it would do world of good to its goodwill. Nothing is going to heal the battered image of Army in people of Pakistan more than this feat if accomplished. And Army is doing well recently in this regard. Very well indeed. The way they eradicated terrorists from Swat valley in just three days with out much loss to them and the civilian population is highly commendable and should be applauded at every forum. A concerted and continuous effort is required in this regard, and proactive approach in mitigating such elements is essential to strike at the root of this evil.

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